UK Military Banking

Armed Forces
Terminal Grant Lending Scheme

Our borrowing scheme for Armed Forces personnel

The Armed Forces Terminal Grant Lending Scheme (AFTGLS) allows us to lend you up to 50% of your Armed Forces lump sum early. It is a current account which enables you to have a large overdraft facility.

How does it work?

You will have two current accounts with us - one for your day to day banking and the other for your overdraft facility as part of the lending scheme (AFTGLS).

We will review the scheme every three years up until you leave the Armed Forces.

When you leave and receive your lump sum, we will then transfer the required amount to pay the scheme off.

The lending scheme can't be used for a house purchase or a deposit.

Ready to apply?

To find out more about the Armed Forces Terminal Grant Lending Scheme and how it could work for you.

Please get in touch with our Holt's team and we can talk you through how the scheme works and the steps to apply.